41 Best Retirement Statistics & Facts for 2021



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Here are the latest 2021 retirement statistics and facts, supported by credible sources.

There’s so much retirement information online, but some of it is inaccurate, poorly researched, or just plain out-of-date. We’ve searched to find the latest and most accurate data so that you don’t have to!

If you’re working hard to plan the secure retirement you deserve, or you’re a current retiree looking for information about other retirees, you now have the most important information, all in one place.

Below you’ll find statistics on the number of retirees and their average retirement age, retirement savings, pensions and 401(k)s, Social Security, and other interesting retirement facts.

The statistical data and behavioral facts help provide a composite picture of retirees. Whether you’re a journalist, aspiring retiree, or simply interested in learning about retirement realities, the information below is sure to be useful.

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Statistics on the Number of Retirees and Their Retirement Age

  • U.S. Census data show there are 47.8 million U.S. citizens age 65 and older, representing 14.9 percent of the total population. Their average annual income is $38,515, and average net worth is $170,516, but 8.8 percent have incomes that are at the poverty level.
  • According to Gallup’s research, those currently employed project, on average, they’ll retire at age 66.
  • This number is misaligned with reality however, as the current average retirement age is 63, and the average retirement lasts about 18 years.
  • But 63 is closer to 61, which is the retirement age future retirees believe is ideal.


Retirement Savings Statistics


Pension & 401(k) Statistics


Social Security Statistics


Other Interesting Retirement Facts


The Retirement Statistics Don’t Tell the Real Stories

While the above captures key retirement statistics, what the data don’t show are the unique stories of each retiree. How did they get there? What motivated them? Do they have regrets? What failures did they overcome? What would they change if they had a do-over?

Here at Retirement Is All On You we are committed to telling the truth about how to create the secure retirement you deserve, and what to do avoid retirement disaster. To learn from one fateful retirement journey, check out this Retirement Disaster Story.

And come back often to check out our latest articles for real world tips and tools for planning a successful retirement.



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